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Your Voice Matters

by Doug Bechtel
In a few days, every citizen 18 years old or older has the opportunity to make a choice at the ballot box. Our country is not divided in our collective support of environmental issues. Our policy work at NH Audubon is one of the most important ways we support the protection of our natural resources. Since the pandemic began and NH Audubon had to close our Centers to the public, we have signed more than two dozen letters[to federal officials in support of air quality, water quality, and wildlife conservation. Our work to support environmental policies has not been slowed by COVID-19, and we will continue our efforts to make sure our environment stays healthy – pandemic or no pandemic.
Please vote this November, and please consider environmental issues when making your choices.  The links below provide information about how and where to vote. Information about environmental issues this election day can be found on many nonprofit websites, such as National Wildlife Federation.
Here are specific links for NH Voter Information that may be helpful: 
New Hampshire Secretary of State
Polling place search tool
Voter Guidelines from the New Hampshire Department of Justice
And just for fun, set up a voting reminder here.
Be well, be healthy, be engaged, and Vote!