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Watch for Louisiana Waterthrush

Watch for Louisiana Waterthrush

Louisiana Waterthrush; photo by Alex Lamoreaux.

New Hampshire is home to the Northern Waterthrush and the Louisiana Waterthrush.  These look-alike warblers, both of which will be found skulking in brushy tangles of low wetland areas, can be very difficult to identify based on sight alone. One key to remember, is that the Louisiana arrives here before the Northern, and this is the time of year they return. By focusing on preferred habitat, breeding distribution and migration behavior, you can make a reliable ID even if the bird’s not singing. Check out this article from the Spring 2014 Issue of New Hampshire Bird Records for three important “rules of thumb” to keep in mind when trying to identify these Waterthrushes (“A Tale of Two Waterthrushes” begins on page 37).

Other articles in this issue include: Birding Hidden Towns of Northwestern Grafton County, The Inland White-winged Scoter Flight of May 2014, field notes and photos from the 2014 spring season, and of course a Photo Quiz. Enjoy them all!

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