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Winter Blooms: A Virtual Garden Tour Plus Activities to Discover and Explore Pollinator Roles and Habitats

Free webinar on February 10, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Are you and your students missing the vivid colors of a garden in bloom while the landscape outside is cloaked in snow? Intrigued by the idea of a virtual summer scene to navigate and explore? Join NH Audubon as we guide you on a newly developed virtual tour of the pollinator gardens located at our state headquarters in Concord. Attendees will be given a sneak peek into an immersive educational experience designed to engage and educate youth and adults about beneficial pollinators and the habitats that attract them. This online resource and printable activity guide are aimed at middle school students, and can be adapted to upper elementary or high school ages as well. Use the activities to explore both the virtual tour and your own school gardens. Exchange the cool hues of the winter months for a vibrant summer day as we traverse the 360° views of the McLane Center’s gardens. We welcome your feedback on the existing and future content development to make this useful for you and your classroom!

This is a free webinar – register here.