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Have You Been to Camp Yet?

Have You Been to Camp Yet?

Explorers at Massabesic Center conduct an archaeological dig during nature camp “Become a Scientist” week (Jordan Gagan).

There are a couple of weeks left of camp and still room to sign up. Session 7 starts August 1 with the theme Up, Down, and All Around. Everywhere you look, someone is home. Meet birds who love the sky and millipedes who love the dirt. Create a habitat for one of New Hampshire’s animals, survey the field for eggs and insects, and trek through the forest in search of food, water, and shelter.

The theme for session 8 (August 8-12) is Slime, Scales, & Skin, Oh My! What makes a reptile, a reptile? Why are amphibians unique? Come to camp and find out all about our slimy, scaly friends. Meet some of our ambassador animals to learn their special adaptations. Join us before summer is over!

For details and camp registration links, visit our website.