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Birds and Birding

There are more than 50 million birders in the United States, and countless others who are interested in birds. Birds are beautiful, interesting, and the most visible form of wildlife in the state. They capture our attention and fascination through their behavior, flight, song, or simple presence on a cold winter day when it seems that nothing else is alive. New Hampshire Audubon is committed to bird conservation and you can help. Learn about birds, get involved with bird conservation projects, report your sightings or take part in a birding event. There are many ways to participate and help the birds that are such a vital part of our world.

For other resources for birders, visit the New Hampshire Bird Records Resources Page.

New guide book: Birding Northern New Hampshire by Robert A. Quin.

Photos from top:Common Yellowthroat by Walter Keane, Sage Thrasher by Mark Suomala, birding field trip (archival), Snowy Owl by Walter Keane, Black-capped Chickadees at a feeding station by Julie Klett, ibis by Pam Hunt, winter birding by Zeke Cornell, publication image by Rebecca Suomala, Blackburnian Warbler by Len Medlock, live webcam screenshot from downtown Manchester, NH.