Photos: Bald Eagle pair by Jack Dorsey, Bohemian Waxwings by Scott Heron, Round-leaved Sundew by Phil Brown.

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Yeatts Makes 40

(by Dyanna Smith) New Hampshire Audubon is pleased to announce the establishment of Ines and Frederick Yeatts Wildlife Sanctuary in Warren, NH. The Yeatts’ gift to NH Audubon of the

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Manchester’s First Pollinator Pocket

(by Willa Coroka) Manchester’s premier Pocket Pollinator Garden is officially planted and growing at its first location at Beech Street Elementary School. The Pocket Pollinator Gardens, designed to support both

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Where are all my birds?

(by Rebecca Suomala, September 2023) If your birds disappeared from your feeders at the beginning of September, you are not alone. NH Audubon has received many inquiries from people whose

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Learn more about Motus

As we are preparing for our third season of Monarch Butterfly nanotagging, we thought you might be interested in learning a bit more about that project as well as the

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