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Our Peeps: Anne Purington

Anne Purington, NH Audubon’s Human Resources Coordinator, is a NH native. Born in New London to a family from Georges Mills, she spent many summers on Otter Pond swimming, fishing, and picking wild blueberries. “Being outside is my thing,” she shares, and since the moment she joined our team she fit right in!

A graduate of Franklin Pierce college with a degree in accounting, Anne has an impressive work history including Director of Finance, then chief Financial Officer, then Chief Executive Officer for Presidential Oaks, a nonprofit retirement community in Concord, NH. After 24 years, she retired, but felt the need to stay connected to her community and came to work with us.

“It’s the Peeps that make NH Audubon,” she says. “There is laughter outside my office and a welcoming word every day. The people connect with each other and there are no barriers to helping another department. I’ve had Peeps from every department help me with emails, using my phone, finding my way around, using the copier, and finding supplies. There is no end to the generosity of my teammates!”

Anne wraps up her time with us this spring and we so appreciate her guidance and leadership in HR.