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Volunteers Needed for Enchanted Forest 2023

NH Audubon’s Enchanted Forest fall event is set to be held on October 20 and 21, and we have several openings for volunteer help. Volunteers will be needed from approximately 3:45 – 9 pm. Dinner will be provided. Please reach out to Anita Fernandez if available and provide your top two roles of interest. Costumes are highly encouraged in all roles!

  • Trail Leaders: Leaders and Co-Leaders will guide groups of attendees down the path, ensuring everyone is in place at each skit site, and turning on and off the lights to start/end each skit. This role should also be willing to interact and chat with the tour groups.
  • Outdoor Lighting/Site Set-Up: Our Outdoor Technician is looking for an individual to assist in ensuring all skit sites are set up properly, lights are working, and backup plans are in place.
  • Greeter: Our Greeter will welcome event attendees into the Center and direct them to the registration desk to get checked in.
  • Registrar: Our Registration table will be located inside the lobby to check attendees in and point them towards our onsite activities or their designated tour.
  • Craft and Game Supervisor: We have nighttime “creature” themed crafts and games that need your help to monitor. Families will be making masks, hanging bats, and playing an Owl “egg” toss game.
  • Indoor Monitor: Our center will be hopping with games, crafts, tour orientation, skit actors getting ready, refreshments, and more.  We need someone who can watch the various activities and make sure things are running smoothly.
  • Outdoor Monitor: Our parking lots and trails will be full of excited trail attendees and skit actors. We will need someone to help monitor the outdoor spaces and assist in troubleshooting any areas as necessary.
  • Parking Attendant: Cars will be arriving for designated tour times, and we need multiple volunteers to help direct the cars to available parking spaces and ensure the safety of all in the parking lot.
  • Orientation Coordinator: We need a dynamic individual to teach tour groups about NH Audubon and get them excited about their upcoming trail tour. Dressing up for this role is highly encouraged.
  • Dinner/Refreshment Coordinator: Our Skit Actors, storyteller, and all indoor volunteers need to stay hydrated and fed (and you do too). We need a Coordinator to ensure all volunteers know where to get dinner before the start of the event, and bring refreshments to volunteers as the evening progresses.
  • Pre and Post Help: The Enchanted Forest event takes work the week before the event and the day after to get set up and cleaned up. If you are not available during the event, but would still like to help out, please contact us for needs such as pumpkin carving, trail maintenance and set up, room set up, and cleaning after the event.

We would like to thank all past and future Enchanted Forest volunteers. This event could never keep going without you.